Color Analysis.

Personal Color Analysis

Discover Your True Colors:

Our personal color analysis service helps you discover the colors that enhance your natural features and make you look and feel your best. By considering factors like your skin tone, eye color, and hair shade, this analysis identifies a personalized color palette tailored just for you.

Think of it as your own set of magic colors that complement your unique characteristics. Once you know your ideal shades, choosing clothes, makeup, and accessories becomes a breeze. It’s like having a secret weapon to boost your confidence and style, making every color choice intentional and empowering. So, say goodbye to fashion guesswork and hello to a personalized palette that reflects the true you!

Ever wondered which colors enhance your natural beauty? In this personal color analysis session, we’ll unravel the palette that compliments your unique features, guiding you towards wardrobe choices, makeup shades, and a style that truly resonates with the real you. It’s not just about color; it’s about uncovering the confidence that comes from wearing your true colors. Let’s explore the shades that make you shine!

Private V.I.P. session

□ 60 mins ~70 mins
□ 220,000KRW (approximately 150~165USD)
□ Advanced consulting for your personalized makeup style. We will check your makeup pouch and give you makeup product recommendations specifically for your color type.

(a deposit of 80 USD should be paid to confirm reservation by Paypal or bank transfer)

You will pay the balance  120,000krw on the spot by cash.

Group session

□ Available for 2-6 people groups
□ 30-35minutes per person
□ 140,000KRW per person (approximately 100USD)

(a deposit of 80 USD should be paid to confirm reservation by Paypal or bank transfer )

You will pay the balance  40,000krw per person on the spot by cash.

What to expect?

1. Personal color explanations
2. Check skin tone and hair color
3. Color draping (to find season and pick best colors)
4. Jewelry color draping and consultation
5. Advance consulting for your personalized makeup colors. [*only private session*]
6. Offered  makeup , hair color, skincare recommendations PDF files by email.
7. Provide consultation report
8. Mini color card will be given for color reference

WHAT is different about VIC’S COLOR LAB??

1. Detailed service.

 We help you find your specific seasonal color. For example, are you a Light Spring? A Bright Spring? Let us help you find the best colors for your skin tone. There are three different tones in each Season and each tone compliments a different Skin tone. We don’t just do a basic consultation with cheap price. We make sure to match your season and tone so that you leave happy and understand exactly which color palette suits you best.

2. The system to find your color. 

 We don’t just drape different colors on you.
When we do draping, we compare and analyze the changes in the brightness of your skin. We will find your seasonal colors with a tournament system to make sure we find the best colors for you.

3. More efficient consultation

  our session is conducted by a professional consultant and an assistant. 

 our assistant can arrange the drapes so that your consultant can focus on you better  that works for saving time and providing an efficient performance.

 Important Notes for Color Analysis 

1. Please do not wear color make-up or any colored lens. (Non-tinted sunscreen and clear lens are acceptable.)

2. Please come 5 minutes earlier before the appointment. If you are late for more than 20 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.

3. Please avoid any treatment that will causes red and flushed skins before the analysis. (For example, facial treatment or plastic surgery.)

4. If possible,  avoid wearing turtleneck.

(We need to check your neck skincolor)

** If the times listed don’t work for you, contact us!

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Refund Policy
30 days prior to the appointment – 100% refund
14 days prior to the appointment – 40% refund
7 days prior to the appointment – No refund

All refund takes about 1-7 days to process. Note that only deposit paid through Korean bank transfer or Paypal can be refunded
**Oversea bank transfer is not refundable** In the case of any dispute, the decision of Vic’s Lab Korea shall be final
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